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Germstar 12 oz. G2 Starter Kit

  • $65.00

The GERMSTAR “G2 Dispenser features: Night light; “Docking pad” to refill Germstar 2 oz. and 8ml bottle products. The G2 has an integrated a table-top stand; drip tray; and wall mounting configuration. Powered by either AAA batteries or optional AC/DC adapter at small additional cost.
GERMSTAR 12 oz. G2 Starter Kit includes: 
(1) GERMSTAR 12 oz. dispenser (select color)
(1) GERMSTAR 12 oz. Hand Sanitizer “RINSE” (select sanitizer)
 SANITIZER FEATURES: Non-allergenic; heals with each application; will NOT dry tissues, FEELS GREAT!! 
GERMSTAR “Original” RINSE:  Germstar Original is “Surgical-Scrub Grade RINSE” formula and the GERMSTAR flagship solution. The Germstar “Original rinse is formulated with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) as its active ingredient, proprietary emollients and a fresh mint scent. It is the most powerful hand hygiene RINSE available. 
GERMSTAR “Citrus” RINSE: Germstar Citrus hand sanitizing rinse is formulated with 63% Ethyl alcohol base as its active ingredient, proprietary emollients and a refreshing citrus scent. The rinse is contained in an airtight, self-collapsing bag, and is good for up to 1,400 washes @ 0.7ml each. Germstar Citrus rinse is highly recommended in areas where the user experience is the most important factor: restaurants, airlines, movie theaters, sports stadiums, office buildings, etc.
GERMSTAR “Noro” RINSE: Germstar Noro hand sanitizing rinse is scientifically formulated to kill Noro virus. It has a 63% Ethyl alcohol base as its active ingredient, containing proprietary emollients which maximize GERMSTAR’s Noro rinse virus killing power, leaving a fresh, mint scent after 20 seconds of sanitizing. The rinse is contained in an airtight, self-collapsing bag, and is good for up to 1,400 washes @ 0.7ml each. Germstar Noro rinse is highly recommended where the risk of a Noro virus outbreak is prevalent, which includes any place where a large number of people gather in small close proximity areasi.e.-cruise lines, casinos, resorts, spas, crowded college campuses, dormitories, hotels, etc.

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