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12oz Starter Kits White/Yellow with 12oz Original Refill

12oz Starter Kits White/Yellow with 12oz Original Refill

  • $65.00

Germstar 12oz touchless G2 Dispenser is a versatile, battery powered dispensing system ideal for high traffic areas. Providing complete hand sanitation in 15-20 seconds, Germstar Sanitizers kill 99.99% of all microorganisms. Each Germstar Touchless Hand Sanitizer features an easy to use dose meter for a range in application volume from 0.7 ml to 6.0 ml. The G2 dispenser features a light sensitive night light and the capability to refill Germstar 2oz and 8ml products. Every dispenser comes with a table stand, drip tray, and wall mounting parts and has the option for AC/DC adapter or AA batteries.

Germstarå¨ Original, our ‰ÛÏoriginal‰۝ sanitizer formula is a longtime favorite across all industries.

This Hospital strength formula with 70% Isopropanol as its key ingredient, natural emollients, and a pure mint fragrance, not only leaves hands soft but most of all 99.99% germfree. The quick drying time of Germstar Original (10 ‰ÛÒ 15 seconds) and its astounding moisturizing quality guarantee no sticky residues and drying out effects on hands that occur with common gels and foam based sanitizers.

Additional Details

Touchless 12oz Hand-Sanitizer Dispenser

Starter kit includes Dispenser, 12oz citrus solution, table stand, drip tray, and wall mount option

Powered by AC/DC adapter or batteries

Adjustable dose meter ranges from 0.7 ml to 6.0 ml

Built in night light feature and lockable dome

  • Economical ‰ÛÒ up to 500 uses per 12oz refill


Width - 5.78"åÊ Height - 9.84"