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Germstar 32 oz. G1 GermControl Touchless Dispenser

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The GERMSTAR “GERMCONTROL” 'touchless' dispenser was designed with one thing in mind, efficiency. It was the first completely touch-less system able to successfully distribute an Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) RINSE. The technology allows for automatic distribution of formula directly onto the palm of the hand. This unit can be adjusted for dosage application between .6 - 6ml depending on the needs and size of hands. Each 'touchless' dispenser operates with 4 "D" Cell batteries, which will last for approx. 50,000 pre-measured applications.
GERMCONTROL- Dispenser Features

Touchless operation eliminates cross contamination 
by delivering the GERMSTAR IPA rinse which will provide complete hand sanitation in 15-20 seconds
·Reliable operation: The GERMCONTROL dispenser has no moving parts; gravity dispenses solution in perfect doses with no waste
·Doses can be adjusted from .7ml to 6.0 ml (pre-surgical), each refill will yield up to 2000 washes (1500 for an average wash)
·Spherical shape suppresses accumulation of dust-borne microorganisms near the outlet
·GERMCONTROL dispensers can be placed anywhere hand washing is needed and hot water/soap are not available (nursing stations, vehicles, scrub sinks, etc.) and for a fast paced environment
·Transparent housing & clear cartridge permit immediate monitoring of solution level
·Space age electronic circuitry conserves power & guarantees error free operation
·Unique Globe design raises wash compliance (from 50% avg. to above 90% wash compliance)
·Batteries will last up to 50,000 washes or 2 years; dispensers are also available for 110V hard wire applications
·High tech styling increases user fascination and encourages frequent use which automatically reduces infection
·GERMCONTROL touchless dispensers are GUARANTEED to provide LEVEL # 1 performance Championing your Infection Prevention outcomes.

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