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Pro Cleaning Clothes (2 Pack)

Pro Cleaning Clothes (2 Pack)

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The Cleaning Cloths feature revolutionary Ribbon-weave Technology™microfibers that lift out dirt and grease without smearing the cleaning surface! Enjoy chemical-free cleaning when used in combination with water from the Cleaning System.

    Revolutionary Ribbon-weave Technology™ microfibers lift out dirt and grease without smearing the cleaning surface!
    Ideal for removing dust, stains, spots, grease, bacteria, chemical residues and more.
    Wash and reuse each cloth up to 300 times!
    Use with the Cleaning System for chemical-free cleaning!

Package contains two 12-inch square Microfiber Cleaning cloths.

The Revolutionary lotus Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Microfiber cleaning cloths combine friction, static energy and capillary effects to absorb, trap and remove dirt and oils in an incredibly effective way. lotus cloths, used in combination with the cleaning system, remove tough dried-in-stains, mildew, small particles and odor causing bacteria. Also, very importantly, because it cleans with super-oxygenated water, there are no toxic cleaning chemicals for you to deal with. Just use the cleaning cloth and cleaning system on virtually any job to remove dust, stains, spots, grease, bacteria, chemical residues and much, much more!

Why is the Cleaning System Different?

Cleaning Cloths, in combination with the cleaning system, provide an effective alternative to toxic cleaning chemicals. They were developed using a special process a fabric manufacturer calls Ribbon-weave Technology™. Consisting of a blend of polyester and polyamide, the lotus cleaning cloths have optimized cleaning capacity. The Ribbon-weave Technology™ microfibers are so small that each cloth contains many miles of microfiber. Those thousands of individual microfibers in the fabric cleans surfaces while the superoxygenated water does the sanitizing.

How do Microfiber Cloths Work?

The wiping motion involved with cleaning enables the microfiber edges to break down and remove dirt and grease particles from surfaces. These particles are then trapped and absorbed in the strands of microfibers. There are hundreds of thousands of microfibers that absorb the dirt when the cloth is wet with liquefied ozone - a force so great that dirt cannot escape. lotus cloths have amazing absorbency, holding up to seven times their weight in dirt, grime and liquid. The dirt remains locked deep inside the cloth, enabling you to continuously clean, without releasing dirt back on to the cleaning surface. The dirt stays in the cloth until it is washed. You can wash and re-use cleaning cloths up to 300 times saving you money versus conventional cloths.